LIVE: JAH WOBBLE’s INVADERS OF THE HEART, Hebden Bridge Trades Club, 7th Nov 2014

My Live Review of the immense Jah Wobble’s Invaders of the Heart, reblogged from @BackseatMafia where I now contribute music and art interviews and reviews. Wobble is the ex-bassist from the legendary, post-punk PiL. John Lydon always gets the publicity for his vocals/lyrics, but for me it was the original musicians of PiL – Jah, Martin Atkins and Keith Levine – who were the true visionaries and experimentalists. All individually doing some really interesting projects now too.

Backseat Mafia


It’s been 20 odd years since the last outing of Jah Wobble’s Invaders, with tonight being one of a mere handful of gigs. Originally planned to coincide with a new album of covers and the forthcoming Redux Box Set (now expected in the New Year) they now serve as something of a live prelude to both. Not surprising then, that the smallish, much-acclaimed Trades Club venue is heaving.

Lesser men would let the palpable buzz of crowd excitement go to their head, but John `Jah Wobble’ Wardle is as earthed, yet charismatic, as his low-end bass-lines. So the band start up with little by the way of introduction, allowing the music to speak for itself as they warm us up with a couple of instrumental numbers, including a reflective rendition of the `Midnight Cowboy’ theme.

An inspired cover of `Get Carter’ starts with an apt sample of dialogue from the…

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